She’s Gone Girl

Crushed into a ball
Down the Tube
Against the damconcrete wall
Slipped in a heap – a last touch
A sister tripping sliding from reach
Cracked ribs
Purple bloated faces
Lumping the little ones on the lorry – like the coal man
Picked up stuff from the bundle shop
The buses disgorged the living the dead
Coming from the flix
Couldn’t get down
Couldn’t – get – down
Wet steps and a 25 watt bulb
Slithering to be hushed – –
Of course the Queen came
Of course she did
And held her head on one side
With a hat she had and a raven claw
Keeping up morale you know
Cream teas down her shelter – Ha Haw
Proper scones and jam
When they all left for Windsor fucking Castle
It was rockets they said – not seen
Fired from the park at the Luftwaffe
The mortuary slabs cold as custard
In our Bethnal Green

She’s gone girl



(In memory of the 173 men women and children who lost their lives in 1943 at Bethnal Green Tube Station where families regularly sheltered from the Blitz)

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